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Talk to Yourself

a live music, live painting and acting performance


A pregnant woman. A dystopian world.

One decision to make.

She does not know what to do, but a computerised system thinks to know better and manipulates her will.

Is it blackmailing? Is it psychological abuse?

A story about choices and hope.

A tail about a heroine fighting against a system to save herself and her rights.

But at what cost?

A women only performance.

A painter, a live musician, an actor, a voice. They are connected, they are all the same character. They are all one thought, one story, one will, one hope.

Kings Arms 24.07.jpg

"An honest piece based on the reflections and the inner turmoil of a young woman."

(Ami Serban - Europa Art Collective)

"Good epitome of fringe theatre; raw, brave, thought-provoking, intimate, uncomfortable, real."
(Honorary Manchester Blog)
"Talk To Yourself is a unique piece of thought-provoking theatre."
(Caroline Bleakley - Reviewer number 9)
"The music was evocative and very successful. The acting was first rate. The general direction was very good
with a lot of devices used to create movement in what could have been a rather static talking head piece. There
is certainly talent on show here. It’s artistic, avant-garde even, memorable and different."
(Gray Freeman - North West End)
Kings Arms 24.07 (2).jpg

Directed by Adriana Buonfantino

Performed by Brooke Parratt, Catherine Jack, Jo Montgomerie

Written by Léa Fante

Produced by YEAP association and Chloe Beale

With the participation of Gunda Barauskaite, Kotryna Regina Šiugždinytė, Lucy Temby, Diana Atkins, Julia Blackwell, Ellie Boney, Hannah Farrugia


2018-2019, Manchester

'Talk to yourself' was scratched at HOME during 'Propel' and The Lowry during 'Shoots'.

It was performed at The Kings Arms and The Eagle Inn.

It was part of the Greater Manchester Fringe 2019.


The script was supported by Manchester ADP.

Kings Arms 24.07 (4).jpg


live at The Eagle Inn

Filmed and edited by Sam Eastwood


Solo cello

live at The Eagle Inn

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