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a collage and storytelling workshop for all ages.

What happens if you put the head of a bear, the body of a zebra and the antennae of a bee?

A zebearbee!

What happens if you put a mouse head with mouse ears and a penguin body?

A catguinouse!

Come on this journey of funny creatures and invent your own.

Save the creatures on our magic tree!

Save the planet by learning and caring about animals, their habitats, their history, their dangers.

How can we contribute to help our planet survive?

An informative, educational and entertaining workshop for all ages.

Would you like us to deliver this workshop in your establishment?

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Created and devised by Adriana Buonfantino and Catherine Jack

Performed by Adriana Buonfantino and Catherine Jack

Produced by YEAP association

Creaturistic has been supported by Z-Arts and Word of Warning in 2019.


It has been presented for the first time at Z-Arts during the festival Haphazard.



live at Z-Arts

Filmed and edited by Catherine Jack

Kings Arms 24.07.jpg

Catherine Jack

The artist

Catherine Jack


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