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Steam Out

a play with audience participation

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Two people meet in a sauna.

Each time they meet, they are different people.

A Master of Ceremonies explains the rules.

This is a television show.

The audience decides who is going to meet.

One dialogue repeated several times.

Each time, the meaning changes according to the characters.

This is a test for actors talents and audience attention.

Each time, it is a revelation.

We break down clichés.

Clichés about races, cultures, ages, sexuality, gender.

This is a never ending and out of time project.

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"What do you get if you cross a game show with Big Brother and a sauna? Steam Out by Yeap Theatre". (Sam Lowe - Reviews Number 9)

Directed by Adriana Buonfantino

Performed by Ben Atha, Edd Bower and Kelly Efthymiou.

Written by Léa Fante

Produced by YEAP association and Chloe Beale

Manchester, 2018-2019

Steam Out was performed at Waterside Arts (Sale) during the scratch night 'Breaking Ground'.

It was also performed at The Eagle Inn.

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live at Waterside Arts

Filmed and edited by Danny Turner


James Bond

Epic Rap Battle of History

Performed by

Ben Atha

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