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YEAP designs groundbreaking projects to talk about social issues.

We create and produce entertaining, interactive and educational performances and workshops.

We work with international, inspired and inspiring young artists and performers who explore and merge their disciplines with other art-forms.

We are relentlessly seeking for other ways of making art that would transcend and transform what we commonly call 'art'.

We created and performed in Paris in 2015 and 2016.

Since 2017, we have been based in Greater Manchester. We performed at HOME, The Lowry, Waterside Arts, Z-Arts, The Kings’ Arms, GulliversNQ and The Eagle Inn.

Adriana Buonfantino is the director and founder. She is a French-Italian playwright (Léa Fante), performer, director and photographer.

"I believe that art – in all its configurations –

is the best form of education and the ideal way to engage and interact

with the future generations.

Through my work, I aim to convey, inform and explain."

- Adriana Buonfantino

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