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Nowadays performing arts are focus on less and less socially conscious issues. Usually entertainment turns out to be the main motive for theese artistic media, a form of entertainment that allows the public to forget daily life for a moment. However, if the mass media and our family circle do not urge us to watch the world around us from a critical perspective, How can we ?

Art and artists can decide to play the bad guy.

If art put on a costume of propaganda, the artist turns into its humble servant ;

If art is dress up as socially conscious speech, the artist turns out to be its compelling rhetor;

If art adorns itself with its most beautifull finery, the artist reveals its deep down hidden darkness.



Stiring up and advocating utopian speech, those two souls forever sealed can provide aesthetic and political commentary on our society.


The projects are meant to unable  new generations to voice out. Too often they are disavantaged by their youth and their anonymity, but above all because of the way they are seen by the elders.

We know what those people think about art, protest and the role of these two entities. So what we want to hear now  is what the young artists, the new creators, think about it. We want to hear the thoughts of near future.



That is why it is essential for us that the projects are made ​​of their presence. We hope that new forms of protest can be found , forms which can fit to the contemporary times. Young people will thus be confronted with professionals who have their own vision to pass on, but who will have to be able step aside in favor of the young and their ideas.


YEAP association commits itself to help the young artists to use their art to voice what they have to say, in the artistic and aesthetic way they think is the most effective.



YEAP association commits itself to promote intergenerational projects initiated by professionals, but realised ​​by young artists, promoting intergEnErationality.


YEAP association commits itself to create cross-culturality by inviting the WORLDWIDE countries to participate in these projects through their young artists.


YEAP association commits itself to make the projets socially conscoius so that art can still deals with how our society works.


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