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November 2014

YEAP Association



YEAP (Young Emerging Artists Protesting) was founded in France in 2014 under the chairmanship of Adriana Buonfantino and was an international and interdisciplinary organisation. We were organising workshops for young international artists, amateurs and professionals, so they could explore their art forms and try out new ones to experiment other ways of performing and protesting. We realized a theatre and puppet performance with ‘Anti Statu Quo’, talking about migrants and immigration; and a dance, poetry and live music performance with ‘Implosion’, talking about women’s bodies and their freedom. All these experiments were shown to an audience, recorded and photographed to then be part of temporary exhibitions. 

Since 2017, YEAP has become a theatre company based in Manchester. Our aim is to support and engage emerging artists who want to protest through their arts. We’re still international and interested in cross art-forms, and we’re also focusing our attention on involving different generations of artists in our projects as well as reaching out to different generations of audiences.

Our projects are aimed to talk about social, political and environmental issues in a creative and open-minded way. Sometimes we engage with the audience, sometimes we use visual art to support our performances, sometimes we experiment with cameras on stage. But everything we do is based on new scripts, fresh ideas and ground breaking forms. We want to experiment, and to challenge ourselves in an artistic and intellectual way to question our society and to give the audience the opportunity to learn new things and make way for new thoughts. 
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