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Act 1 Anti Statu Quo

Act 1 Anti Statu Quo

Act 1 Anti Statu Quo

The trailer

You can find here the teaser of the project "Anti Statu Quo".

Edited by : Adriana Buonfantino

Production : YEAP

The making of

You can find here the making of of the project "Anti Statu Quo" about commitment, citizenship and migration matters.

Directors : Marco Di Stefano and Miguel Angel Torres Chavez

Artists : Paola Maria Cacace, Béranger Crain, Garance Hacker, Carole Renouf, Giulia Strippoli

Artistic director : Adriana Buonfantino

Production : YEAP

Edited by : Kadia Ouabi and Thomas Benesty

From the 15th of July to the 9th of August 2015 at Eglise Saint Merry.

The interview

You can find here the young artists interview of the project "Anti Statu Quo" about commitment, citizenship and migration matters.

Artists : Paola Maria Cacace, Béranger Crain, Garance Hacker, Carole Renouf, Giulia Strippoli.

Interviewers : Adriana Buonfantino et Geoffroy Bardin

Editig : Kadia Ouabi and Thomas Benesty

Production : YEAP

The press kit

You can find the french press kit here about the project "Anti Statu Quo"

The radio podcast
The exhibition

We've been on the radio. Here the podcast to listen to our artists and our directors talking about the project "Anti Statu Quo".

Thanks to Radio Libertaire !

Anti Statu Quo : the exhibition



"Anti Statu Quo" tells you stories about artists, migrants and bounderies.

Follow the paths of five young artists throughout a photo, video and design experience and let's find a new way to listen to their voices.

You can find some of the photos here and the french catalogue of the exhibition here. Enjoy !


This project is based on the experiences of the following artists : Marco Di Stefano, Miguel Angel Torres, Pierre Chevallier, Cecilia Galli, Paola Maria Cacace, Béranger Crain, Garance Hacker, Carole Renouf, Giulia Strippoli.



A l’Atelier Gustave, 36 Rue Boissonade, 14e, Paris

M° Raspail/Port Royal

Du mardi 22 au samedi 26 septembre 2015.

Du mardi au samedi, de 15h30 à 18h30.

Vernissage : le mardi 22 septembre à 18h00.


A l’Université Paris Ouest – Nanterre, Espace Reverdy (bâtiment L)

M° Nanterre Université

Du lundi 5 au jeudi 8 octobre 2015.

Du mardi au jeudi, de 12h00 à 15h00.

Vernissage : le lundi 5 octobre à 18h00.


A l’Université Paris 8 – Saint Denis, La Coupole (Maison de l’étudiant)

M° Saint-Denis Université

Du mardi 13 au vendredi 16 octobre 2015.

Du mardi au vendredi, de 12h00 à 15h00.

Vernissage : le mardi 13 octobre à 12h00.



More informations :

Facebook :

Themes and aims


What is it about ?


A stage performance prepared in 21 days, their work will be a draft for there is no intention to give straight answers, but a bunch of speculations coming from the search of a possible truth, a progressive thinking open to the future, an endless end.


A publishing and an exhibition both new and original : conceived to be artistic as far as form and aesthetic are concerned, theoretical from the informative content perspective, they will also tackle technical aspects of the project as a practical experience : the workshop.



Artistic and political aims


To offer means to question and deal with both political and cultural issues trough a way both playful and artistic thus uniting two dimensions that are separated too often.


To enhance the status of protest theatre which is too often seen as an intellectual and aesthetic object, compelled by elitist culture.


To change and break new ground in the way a text dealing with performing arts is written and conceived : writing a text combining artistic, technical and theoretical perspectives, a text can be creative, educational and useful.



Social and cultural aims


To raise political awareness among young artists as far as their craft and cultural policies are concerned unabling them at the same time to professionalize trough positive cross-cultural dialogue.


Artistic cooperation and dialogue between young artists in order to create a common show resulting from a united collective process.


The publishing of an innovative text and an exhibition about rarely dealt with issues in order to inform and raise both intellectual and artistic curiosity among the young and the professionals from the culture community in Europe.



A pamphlet for a protesting theatre


The main goal of this artistic form is to use satirical polemical and critical writing to understand and make understand current political and social issues. Since the 50's protest theatre turned to performance to bring to light and denounce an oppressive social system. But Provocative performance has less impact today as it seems to have lost its ability to change. Provocation kills provocation if it fails to renew itself. If we don't want to fall in boring standardisation we have to adapt to a compelling new artistic and social demand.


Nowadays the audience turns away from protest theatre. Seeing the same things on stage today as twenty years ago cannot but tire the audience off. The audience is not tired of political and social issues though, it is just asking for renewal. Prostest theatre took the path of intellectualization toward social issues becoming an art for the elite moving away from the ideal of a democratic theatre. The divide between elitist theatre and consumer theatre growing wider ends up becoming a grave to put the ideal of an useful popular protest theatre and forget about it.


We have to face it, we have entered a century of speed, change and immediacy. Therefore theatre have to change, now and fast. That is why our project is called anti-statu quo, chich stands for “against non-change “. If theatre is to transform, Artists have to grow aware of their own responsibility toward society. They have to join both their creative and protest energy drained from theatre itself in order to put an end to the institutionalization of performance and provocation itself on one hand, and, on the other hand to keep the essence of performance and provocation to balance abstruse intellectualization.


Multiple points of view will arise from different conceptions of art and ethics following the cultural background. Some intellectualize theatre, others believe in a performative provocation. The project will convoque the opinions of artists from multiple parts of the European Union only to better create an artistic union gathering muliple cultures toward a common goal.


An European motivation

European is a various people's construction aiming for union and collaborative solidarity between countries. Therefore European artists should not be considered as such just for being from European Union  according to their country of origin but rather in behalf of their work.

Because of his message passing role, the artist can turn out to be a part of this European construction of artistic solidarity through his work with artistis from other countries. Discussion beween participating artists can, from one hand, reveal their artistical and cultural diversity and, on the other hand, underline that their artistic knowledge comes from their own consciously constructed cultural background. Skills learned in each one of their art school would then turn out to be all the more important in that they indicate various ways to comprehend one's art, each one of theese skills being the result of cultural aestetical  and education factors all together.

That is why, in addition to social and legal concerns, the artistic status, as far as performing arts are concerned, is different from one country to another hence meeting specific demands to each nation. Without getting into the specifics and without claiming to give any final answer, the workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussion about the given realities of two countries in order to end up with an ideal utopian yet european status resulting nevertheless  from theatre satire.


The exhibition will be a different mean to voice their ideas and their thoughts while allowing to discover their creative universe from a more intimate point of view : as people who feels, who experiences emotions, disappointments, fits of enthousiasm, who can question themselves as socially conscious citizens, maybe as far as to to become more politically involved artists.

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