CREATURISTIC: a collage and storytelling magic project.
For all ages.
The trailer

You can find here the trailers of the project "Creaturistic".

Edited by : Catherine Jack

Production : YEAP

Realised during Haphazard 2019 at Z-Arts (Hulme, Manchester)


CREATURISTIC is a project for all ages involving collage, creativity and an environmental awareness plan.

YEAP ASSOCIATION Act 5: Creaturistic

The concept


Creaturistic is a workshop for all ages where we merge collage, paint, environmental awareness and animalistic costumes. 

There will be a hand-made tree sculpture. There will be tables covered in paper cut-out animal features e.g. wings, antlers, paws. We will invite the audience to combine the paper pieces and create their own magical, fantasy creature. Their artwork will then be hung on the branches of the tree, so the piece will grow over the course of the performance. To inspire and entertain, we will be in fancy dress with animal characteristics. 


YEAP ASSOCIATION Act 5: Creaturistic

Artistic and social aims


The aim of Creaturistic is to get everyone to be an artist for the day and to explore their imagination and invent something unique! We also want to invite the youngest to learn new things about animals and nature. By tickling their curiosity, we’ll broaden their knowledge by answering their questions and by raising awareness about the climate change consequences for some species. Whilst they’ll be choosing which animals to combine, we’ll ask about their choice and we’ll find out if they know the name and the specie of the animals, if they’re in danger and why. We’ll tell them stories they can easily remember and we’ll explain how we can all make this nature world better with small daily efforts in our everyday life. 

We will assist them artistically as well. We will provide the audience with materials to create their fantasy creature, and help them to be inspired through our performative costumes and pre-made work that will be on display. The paper will be pre-cut, and we will provide paint for the people who want to push their creativity further and build up different textures. The visitors can write the name of their creature or monster on the back of it, and at the end of the day if they want to take it home, they are welcome to.


We have considered the all-ages aspect, for example by being dressed up with animal features we can appeal to young babies and entertain them visually. We can get other ages to participate in the different media of collage and encourage adults to paint. Everyone will feel welcomed and feel able to create something and be involved. The tree full of creatures will represent the achievement of the project and the beauty of it. 

This may be some children’s first experiences with this type of art and self-expression, and we hope to inspire them for the future. We also hope to get children excited about nature and animals, to encourage them to care about them for the day and for the next ones. 

Creaturistic has been supported and funded by the collaboration of Word of Warning and Z-Arts for the multidisciplinary event Haphazard 2019 in Hulme (Manchester).  Here a link to a trailer realized on that occasion: 

YEAP ASSOCIATION Act 5: Creaturistic

Future plans

Creaturistic would also become important community engagement work. In every area that we take the project we would like to engage meaningfully with the local community, and we believe there is potential to take this into educational institutions, such as primary schools. If you're a school or an organisation interested in the workshop, please get in touch.

The future of Creaturistic will be to become an all ages theatre play. We’ll collect all these workshops’ experiences to observe how the participants react to our approach and develop their imagination. We want our performance to be playful, entertaining and instructive. We want the audience to be part of it and participate. We’ll engage the audience and we’ll take them on a journey into a fantastic world, with creatures and wonderful stories. We’ll be in a natural environment, showing them the beauty of our planet and the importance of taking care of it as much as we can. We want Creaturistic to be a starting point for the new generations to be engaged and interested in the health and strength of the world around them. 

© 2019 by YEAP

Catherine Jack

Visual Artist