"What do you get if you cross a game show with Big Brother and a sauna? Steam Out by Yeap Theatre". (Sam Lowe - Reviews Number 9)

You can find here the trailers of the project "Steam Out".

Edited by : Adriana Buonfantino And Sam Eastwood

Production : YEAP
Realised during the scratch night Breaking Ground at Waterside Arts (Sale) on 8th May 2019.

- 08.05.19 Waterside Arts (Sale), Breaking Ground Scratch night

- 13.06.19 at 3 Minutes Theatre (Manchester)

- 24.07.19 at Eagle Inn (Salford)

Theme and aims

STEAM OUT is a Tv Show: it’s a game where the audience decides who’s going to perform and it’s a challenge for the performers who need to play different roles.


The concept


‘Steam Out’ is a bold and experimental project. It’s a ground-breaking idea which includes audience participation, artistic challenge and digital media. ‘Steam Out’ is a Tv Show where we spy on people’s lives in a sauna and where the audience gets to decide who’s going to perform. 

We’re on a TV set where cameras and screens livestream the audience and performer’s reactions. It’s like a Big Brother situation where everybody spies on everybody else. During this show we have two people meeting in a sauna. The Master of Ceremonies introduces the game: we have one duologue that can be performed several times by different characters picked by the audience, creating infinite combinations and therefore multiple outcomes. The characters will talk about children, procreation systems, definitions of stupidity, political problems like Brexit, football, social issues and many other topics. Sarcasm and tension are the key for an hilarious and ground-breaking project where clichés are broken down through laughs and deep conversations. 



Artistic and social aims


The idea is to break down the clichés we have on people:

how does it feel to hear the same sentence said by a sixty-year-old lesbian or by a Chinese teenager with mental disability? And what could happen if that same dialogue happens between an old-fashioned English man and a young Muslim lady? Or between the same young Muslim lady and the Chinese teenager? The combinations can be infinite. All the effort will be in finding the perfect duologue that can match a maximum of combinations to make the play as funny and deep as possible and where awkwardness and hilarity will be the key of the all experiment. 
The sauna is also the perfect environment for this kind of situation: a place where people can 
have a chat whilst relaxing, “letting off some steam”, but also where the heat and the sweat 
can make them become short-tempered really easily. This idea comes from personal 
experiences in a sauna. We’ve noticed how often people meet there and stay no more than ten minutes, just enough time to be talking about personal choices and problems, but also social topics, all without falling out, but creating the right amount of tension to bring thetemperature up before they leave. I’ve seen many kinds of scenario. Sometimes the exact 
same kind of dialogue could have a totally different meaning depending on the personalities 

The idea is to show the clichés we have towards people – this project requires the audience to participate: it’s interesting to observe which of the characters the audience favours the most first time around and then knowing the script how this may influence their next choice. This kind of project can say a lot about our society.  



A pamphlet for a protesting performance


The main goal of this artistic form is to use satirical polemical and critical writing to understand and make understand current political and social issues. Since the 50's protest theatre turned to performance to bring to light and denounce an oppressive social system. But provocative performance has less impact today as it seems to have lost its ability to change. Provocation kills provocation if it fails to renew itself. If we don't want to fall in boring standardisation we have to adapt to a compelling new artistic and social demand.


Nowadays the audience turns away from protest theatre. Seeing the same things on stage today as twenty years ago cannot but tire the audience off. The audience is not tired of political and social issues though, it is just asking for renewal. Prostest theatre took the path of intellectualization toward social issues becoming an art for the elite moving away from the ideal of a democratic theatre. The divide between elitist theatre and consumer theatre growing wider ends up becoming a grave to put the ideal of an useful popular protest theatre and forget about it.


We have to face it, we have entered a century of speed, change and immediacy. Therefore theatre have to change, now and fast. If theatre is to transform, Artists have to grow aware of their own responsibility toward society. They have to join both their creative and protest energy drained from theatre itself in order to put an end to the institutionalization of performance and provocation itself on one hand, and, on the other hand to keep the essence of performance and provocation to balance abstruse intellectualization.


Multiple points of view will arise from different conceptions of art and ethics following the cultural background. Some intellectualize theatre, others believe in a performative provocation. The project will convoque the opinions of artists from multiple parts of Europe and non-Europe only to better create an artistic union gathering muliple cultures toward a common goal.

© 2019 by YEAP

Ben Atha